Tamanend Park Herb Gardening Club

Preparing for 2022 Herb Sale

Splitting the Lemon Grass

The March meeting for the Tamanend Park Herb Gardening Club was held in person at the Farmhouse. Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have been meeting over teleconference. It was nice to spend time together again. We used this time to begin preparing for the Annual Herb Sale in mid-May.

Potting the Aloe

Club members divided Lemongrass and Aloe plants. These plants were distributed in pots and will be carefully raised for the next two months.

The club recently learned about psycho-active plants. So we decided for 2022, to add a few of them to the herb sale.

Individual seeds were planted in peat pots and multiple seeds were planted into jug cut into larger pots. We’ll divide the plants into individual pots when they are ready before the herb sale.

Preparing the pots for seeds
Preparing the soil for potting

The planted seeds include:
Nicotiana Rustica (Aztec Tobacco)
Brugmansia (White Datura)
Papaver Somniferum (Breadseed Poppy)
Argyreia Nervosa (Baby Woodrose)
Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory)
Hyoscyamus Niger (Henbane)

These plants and many more will be available for the 37th Annual Herb Sale.

The Annual Herb Sale is May 14-15, 2022. Proceeds from the Herb Sale support a scholarship program for horticultural college students.

If you cannot attend the Annual Herb Sale, but would like to help support the scholarship program, please send your donation to:

Tamanend Park Herb Gardening Club
PO Box 456
Southampton PA 18966.
Morning Glory plants are preparing for the Herb Sale

March 22 Update
We have a full tray of Morning Glory seedlings! These are the first seeds to sprout, just six days after planting.

April 15 Update
The Morning Glory and Tobacco sprouts are growing well, as well as the Bread-seed Poppy. Soon we’ll be splitting and repotting our seedlings for the Herb Sale next month. Stay tuned for more updates.

April 20 Update
Several members spent the evening at the park, preparing plants from the herb garden for our 37th Annual Sale on May 14 (9am-4pm) and May 15 (10am-2pm).

Herb sale pre-orders can be submitted right here on our website.

The plants will be on sale outside the Tamanend park farmhouse. Inside the farmhouse will be crafts and baked items. Proceeds from our annual sale benefit the club’s educational programs, including scholarships for horticultural students.

Each year the Tamanend Herb Park Herb Gardening Club presents scholarships to two students in local horticultural programs. Although the Coronavirus pandemic impacted our ability to hold the annual sale in 2020 and 2021, we continued our scholarship program.