Our Club Founders

The Tamanend Park Herb Gardening Club was founded in 1981 and chartered in 1983 by the following club founders.

Lolita Moore, Ph.D. (1929-2004)

A professor at Temple University School of Medicine, Lolita had a passion for cooking and growing fresh herbs.

Favorite Herb – French Tarragon
“He’s such a happy herb. In the fall, he disappears down into the ground, and you don’t see him. You think, ‘Oh, my, he has died.’ But Spring comes and French Tarragon is reborn to become a princely ingredient in omelettes, chicken, salads and other dishes.”1“For them, herbs are the seasonings of the soul” The Philadelphia Inquirer. Date unknown.

Laurel Rodel (1932- )

Jane Malczyk (1925- )

Helen Diano (1909-1994)