2019 Scholarship Award Winners

2019 Scholarship Award

Horticultural scholarships have been awarded by The Tamanend Park Herb Gardening Club since 1985. The funds for the scholarships come from our Annual Herb Sale in May. As part of our commitment to continuing the advancement of education in horticulture, President Ed MacFarland presented a $1,000 check to each of this year’s recipients at our October 2019 meeting.

Elizabeth Parchell is in her last semester at Delaware Valley University. She plans to continue her education in medical studies as a physician’s assistant and establish her own herb garden, allowing a future in developing medicinal teas.

Alex Chabon is a Sophomore at Delaware Valley University. He’ll continue his education at DelVal, with plans to establish a gardening oriented business.

The Annual Herb Sale is held the weekend following Mother’s Day. Watch our Event Calendar for the Herb Sale in 2020.